2014 AFM FITTEST – Official Results

 Finally, what we’ve all been anxiously waiting for.  Results!

Please find Official Results for the 2014 AFM FITTEST presented by Trigger Point Performance here:

With the release of these results, all competitors will have until 5pm, Tuesday, May 17th to inquire about any scoring discrepancies specific to their score.  After this point, no inquiries regarding your score will be accepted. Once this review period has passed, another announcement will be made when scores posted on the website are FINAL. It is important you review your scores, understand how the scoring works, and double-check for accuracy.  If you would like to protest any score, you must email info@afmfittest.com with your name, division, and test score in question in the subject line of the email.

Lastly, the fun stuff is only half way done.  We will announce the date for the Awards Party in the coming weeks.  This event will be open to all, and be held in late July/early August (location TBD).  The party will recognize and award the the top 10 FITTEST, the Team winners, and more.  This party will also release the August issue, which will profile the 10 FITTEST and FITTEST Team, and recap the event with photos and videos.

Thank you for participating in the 3rd Annual AFM FITTEST presented by TriggerPoint Performance! We look forward to seeing you all at the Awards Party!
Alex Earle & The AFM FITTEST Team


2014-afm-fittest-photo-by-Brian-FitzsimmonsPHOTOS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!

A big thanks to all those who braved the heat and spent the day with us on Saturday, June 7th.  Please be patient with us as we finalize scores.  More than 5,000 score cards and even more data has to be uploaded, calculated, ranked, cross-referenced, and double checked! : )  We are working hard to get results posted.  An email to all competitors will  be sent once “Official Results” are posted on this website.

From all of us at Austin Fit Magazine, thank you for supporting the Austin active community, and taking part in the 3rd Annual AFM FITTEST presented by TriggerPoint Performance.

2014-afm-fittest-photo-by-Brian-FitzsimmonsPHOTOS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!

Postponement Update: Unfortunately the rain has put the Camp Mabry field under water and made it unfit to host the AFM FITTEST this weekend as originally planned. It has been deemed unsafe for competitors, and off limits for all vehicles necessary to set up the event field until next week. This has forced us to reschedule the event to a Single Day event next weekend, Saturday, June 7th from 7am – 3pm. All divisions (competitive, teams, non-competitive) will be held on Saturday, June 7th. We have made this decision based on the best options we have available to conduct the event safely and professionally. We look forward to seeing you all there!



As of this afternoon, Thursday, May 29th, the grounds continue to be unfit for use.  Remember, the entire event has been moved to Saturday, June 7th at Camp Mabry’s event field due to the rains.  Please understand we explored every possible option available to us to safely and professionally conduct the event this weekend.  Postponing it was the best and only option given the circumstances and time needed to prepare the field for use.

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday!







Austin Fit Magazine and the management team of the AFM FITTEST could not be more excited to share the fantastic news that Trigger Point Performance will assume the role of Presenting Sponsor of the 2013 & 2014 AFM FITTEST.  Trigger Point Performance has roots here in Austin, with founder and CEO Cassidy Phillips starting his company right here in Austin more than a decade ago.  A former triathlete and extremely experienced in the biomechanices of the human body, Phillips has developed best-in-class products including foam rollers, massage balls, and total body kits geared for injury recovery and prevention.  We look forward to sharing their tools – keeping all the AFM FITTEST competitors at the top of their game in this year’s competition!

For more information about Trigger Point Performance, please visit www.tptherapy.com.